You Wouldn’t Believe This If It Was Not Captured On Camera

Skepticism and a lot of planning

What would you do if you find yourself someday in a position where you’d have to choose between a familiar and somehow comfortable place and a new exciting and risky one? Would you stay in your comfort zone or get out and explore more possibilities.

This story is about a girl named Jennifer who we see in a video filmed by a CCTV in what looks like a girl that had something to drink and was walking alone in a subway, but the story was far more interesting than that …

The video that changed her life

In the video, Jennifer was getting weirder by the minute, she started by walking in a funny way then started leaning against the wall and looking around.

A couple of seconds later, Jennifer took off her shoes and started waving them in the air, and everyone on the platform was watching her and was getting confused as to what the purpose of it all was.

Life from a different angle

As I told you before, that video changed Jennifer’s life forever, but to actually understand what led to what happened in that subway, and why that video was a turning point, I have to go back a little bit.

Jennifer, 23 years old, was a simple girl, she was born in a small village. And because she was very beautiful, everybody expected her to be a model or an actress, but she never perused those dreams but the video changed everything.

Close people

Jennifer was dating a very handsome young man with brown hair and blue eyes. Jake was 26 years old and been dating Jennifer for over 2 years.

Jennifer was very in love with her boyfriend Jake, she was ready to do anything he asks her to do because she was so afraid that he would leave her someday, especially because he was starting to get home from work very angry and they would fight more than before.

The beginning of the end

Jennifer and Jake were saving money to move someday to live in their dream place (California), but her relationship with Jake was deteriorating more and more every day.

Off then on again

Jake was starting to get possessive and would start a fight for no obvious reason and started complaining about stuff that he loved about her before.

He got so aggressive one time that she got out of the house crying. But hours later, and after claiming that all that was due to him being stressed at work, she decided to forgive him, but also noticed something that would change everything.

Weird thought

Jake suggested to Jennifer that they need to start trying to get pregnant, which shocked Jennifer because they both agreed that they wouldn’t think about having a baby for another 2 years.

Getting pregnant would also mean that Jennifer’s dream of being an actress would have to wait, and also that she could be the only person who’s still interested in moving to California.

Trying to make sense of it all

Jennifer tried to explain to Jake that having a baby would not be the smartest idea because “it’s too soon”, but he argued that the spark was no longer there and that they need to love something else that would teach them how to love each other again.

An idea sparks

While flipping through their photo album, Jennifer was thinking about a way to keep working towards her goal of becoming an actress/model someday and keeping her boyfriend who is against her career choice happy and by her side, she had an idea that would reveal a shocking truth.

A plan was put in place

Jennifer saw a picture on the photo album of their anniversary celebration the year before, which gave her the idea of talking to her boyfriend over a romantic diner and try to find common middle ground but as you are probably suspecting, things won’t go as planned.

Anniversary on the way

Jennifer and Jake’s second anniversary was close, so Jennifer had the idea to plan the surprise diner on the same day and then talk it out with her boyfriend.

Printshop incident

With D-day getting close, she had almost everything ready and prepared for the surprise. Just one thing was missing, and that was the collage of some pictures of them together, she went to the print shop to fix them, but the unexpected happened.

Health crisis

Jennifer preparing for the surprise and trying to keep the relationship alive had closed her appetite witch consumed all her energy and made her very weak, and when her body couldn’t take it anymore, she lost conscience in front of the print shop.


The next time Jennifer opened her eyes was in the emergency room and found herself surrounded by family and friends, the witch told her: “so relieved you are okay, we thought we were going to lose you”.


When she took a hard look at the room, she realized that the only person missing was the person who was the reason she lost her appetite and got depressed. But when she asked her mom about him, she said that he spent the night next to her and that she told him to go get some rest.

Everything was okay…for a minute

Jake opened the door holding in his hand’s food and flours, which made Jennifer sigh a sigh of relief because she was afraid that he would still be upset about the “not having kids yet” thing. So they shared a look, and everything appeared to be fine, but unfortunately not for long.

What if …

Jennifer was happy to see her boyfriend there and smiling, but that made her also think ‘what if he is smiling only because my family is here, she said to herself. Because she knew Jake hates to look bad in front of his girlfriend’s family.

‘’ We are ok!’’

Luckily for her, Jake was smiling because he was really happy not just because he was in front of Jennifer’s parents. She actually realizes something more than that, he became nicer than he was for months.

Unexpected call!

Four weeks later, it became more and more clear that Jake is back to being caring and happy with living with his girlfriend, and he’d no longer fight over little things, but then, Jennifer received a call that would change the whole situation.

“Is this Jennifer?”

Jennifer picked up the phone not knowing who’s on the other side of the line, but as soon as that person asked “is this Jennifer?” she felt like she never felt before, however, she couldn’t predict that the call she received that day would change her life the way that it did.

“Am I dreaming?”

Jennifer asked “who is this?” and the guy answered politely, “I’m an agent with an entertainment company, and we are hiring models and actresses, if you are interested, we would like to have you tomorrow in New York”. Jennifer was stunned and couldn’t believe her ears.


The agent explained that she would be getting an interview with the agency. But also made her relax by explaining that her flight, hotel, and transportation would all be covered by the agency so she wouldn’t spend a thing from her pocket.

A friend in New York

Soon as she finished that call, she started thinking about it, and what made her really consider going is that one of her childhood friends lives in the “big apple” and that at least she would have someone familiar there, but the problem remains; “how am I going to tell Jake about this?”

Excitement and worry

Jennifer was really excited about this opportunity especially it’s all she wanted her whole life, but she couldn’t help but worry about how her boyfriend will react to the news, especially that he never was supportive of her career and all he wants is for her to be a housewife.

Keeping a secret

So Jennifer thought a lot about whether to tell Jake before going or to go and if she gets signed then tell him. So she went with the last one, and that wouldn’t go as planned.


Jennifer cooked a nice dinner and waited for Jake to get home from work, and he complimented her cooking, she told him that she loved him and they started eating. Out of the blue, she blurted out “I’m going to a conference”.

Unexpected reaction

Jennifer couldn’t hold it in anymore, so she explained everything to her boyfriend. He stayed silent for a while and then said “when and where?”

A lie

She stayed silent for a little while too, thinking if it’s going to be a good idea to tell him the truth or if it’s best to lie and tell him once she got back. She said, “it’s in Mesa tomorrow evening”.

Secret revealed

Jennifer and her mother both lived in Arizona but in different cities, Jennifer lived in phoenix with her boyfriend and her mom lived in Mesa, that’s why it seemed like the most logical place for Jake to believe her, but soon an argument would reveal that Jake was lying the whole time.

The truth comes out

Jake decides to come clean and told his girlfriend that he never looked for a job in Los Angeles and that he didn’t like the idea of moving to California and that also all he wants is for Jennifer to give up on her dream and be a housewife. She couldn’t believe her ears.

Running instead of facing

Jennifer didn’t say a word, she simply got out of the house and went to her friend Macy’s house to spend the night, she told her everything that happened with Jake, and her friend advised her to come clean and tell her boyfriend the truth.

After having a couple of drinks, Jennifer asked her friend for advice on how to deal with the news that Jake told her. Macy’s response would leave our friend Jennifer stumped.

A warm hug

Like her friend in New York, Macy had known Jennifer since childhood. So she told her that lying to her boyfriend was not a good idea, but that also she understood why Jennifer felt the need to do it and then gave her a warm hug and told her she would always be there for her.

Made up her mind

So Jennifer’s thinking was simple, she would tell Jake after she gets back and only if she gets accepted, if not, she doesn’t tell him. Also, she felt that the only reason her boyfriend wanted her to forget about her career is that he thinks that her chances looked pale.

The next morning, Macy drove Jennifer to the airport and she left for New York, when she got there her friend Heather picked her up and took her home because the conference was in the evening, they had some time to kill, but when they got there, Jake called and he was angry.

Jake found out somehow that she was going to a conference to be a model, so when he called he was angry and said that he knew what Jennifer was doing and that he couldn’t take it anymore so he gave her an ultimatum.

Jake told Jennifer that if she didn’t go back to Phoenix the relationship would be over. She told her friend heather that she didn’t feel like going to going to the conference, but fortunately heather insisted that she goes to check it out at least.

Jennifer went there and found out that she was invited along with four other girls just as beautiful. Minutes later, the recruiter told the five girls that they all have what it takes to be models, but to be actresses, they had to pass a test.

The recruiter asked girls that to be actresses they had to connect on a personal level, and he gave them a week to come up with a solution to do so. So Jennifer was going home and she went to the subway station when she heard a kid tell his mom “is she a model” which gave her the idea that would change her life.

The only thing that was still holding Jennifer from doing what she had to do to win the contest, was the fear of losing her boyfriend, so she asked Heather for advice again, and her best friend told her that her relationship with Jake wasn’t healthy and that she had to think about her career before anything else.

What’s next?

So the next day, Jennifer decided to go ahead and execute the idea that she had the day before, so she went to the train station, she did the catwalk while staring at the CCTV, and people there started taking pictures and videos of her.

She went viral

The guy who was in charge of monitoring the CCTV noticed gorgeous blonde modeling on camera, so he recorded it and wrote on it “somebody gets her a contract”.

It all worked out

The video of Jennifer modeling in the train station, spread like fire across social media platforms, so the next day she received a call from the agency, and they told her that they wanted her to sign a contract and that they would cast her for an upcoming movie.

New life

Months later, Jennifer had moved out to California, and started to gain a name for herself as an actress. She hadn’t seen her ex-boyfriend Jake since she collected her stuff from his place days after she signed her contract.


Jennifer always wondered about the guy who called her that day and got her that invitation, and because she didn’t find out who he is, she was calling him “Angel”. Days later her agent called her and asked her if she wanted to meet her “angel”, she was excited and said YES! The angel was Chris her friend from high school who became famous.


Chris invited Jennifer for diner, and the first question she asked him “how is it possible that you still remember me?” to which he answered, “I admit, I had a crush on you in high school, and you were nice to me, so one day I had a shooting in phoenix and I saw you by accident and found your number and I called you, that’s the whole story”.


Chris and Jennifer started dating, and because she had so much in common with Chris, Jennifer was happier than she had ever been with her ex, because she finally balanced between her personal life and her career, but what do her parents think about Chris?

Happy ever after

Jennifer’s parents liked Jake so much, but when they saw how happy she was being with Chris, they didn’t say anything. Her mother admitted that she can feel that her daughter is “truly happy”. Jennifer’s story teaches us that having our priorities straight is one of the most important things because once one thing is taken care of, the next thing presents itself automatically.

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