More Hilarious Fishing Photos That Were Perfectly Timed

Greetings, fishermen, and fisherwomen! We are happy to see you back here. We take it you saw our last article about the best fishing photos the internet has to offer and now you’re back for more. Well, we got your back. We went on another stroll through the interweb and brought you some of the finest fishing photos we could find. So get your fishing gear, a couple of cold ones, and your best mates, and get ready for some fishing fun!

Say “Fish”

These fishermen couldn’t look happier, and why wouldn’t they? They just caught three beautiful Opah fish, and certainly knew how to capture a perfect picture


Although we must say that, considering how huge these fish are, we can’t help but let our imagination go wild and think of what would happen if they weren’t actually dead and decided to exact revenge on these three fishermen. Now that would be an even better photo!