Why the Israeli government’s plans to block internet access are misguided


A week after the Tel Aviv municipality started blocking access to its websites, it is expected to introduce an emergency bill to restrict the use of the internet in the city.

The Tel Aviv Municipality is a municipality that is governed by the Israeli parliament and has an estimated population of 3 million.

It has adopted a policy of not permitting internet access, and its decision to block access has been met with protest from the Internet users of the city, who have long complained of poor quality of internet service.

A few days ago, the Tel.

Aviv Municipalities Facebook page was inundated with comments from residents demanding to have access to the city’s websites and social media.

The mayor of the municipality, Amir Shomron, wrote on his Facebook page on Friday, “We cannot allow an Internet in a city with more than three million residents and with the highest unemployment rate in the world.”

“I want the internet to work for me.

I want to stay alive, to find a job, to buy a home, and to enjoy my life.

The Internet is a human right, and the Tel and Av.

Municipalities is not protecting it,” he added.

Shomrron added that the Tel’Aviv municipality will implement a temporary ban on internet access for a week.

On Wednesday, Shomrons Facebook page received over 1,200 comments, many of which claimed the municipality was acting against the people of Tel Aviv.

Many also expressed concerns over the fact that the municipal council was being led by the prime minister, Sara Netanyahu, a political ally of the government.

“This is not a government of the people, it’s a government that is acting against Tel Aviv residents.

If the mayor of Tel.

Aviv is elected, there will be a ban on all internet access,” one Facebook user wrote.

Shomoron did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Shomeir Baruch, a senior member of the Knesset, also said on Thursday that the city council was acting in an “unethical way” and that he would not approve the bill.

Baruch also said that the internet was not a tool for the city to control its citizens and that it was the municipality that was “taking the decision to put the city in a difficult situation.”

Shomra is an outspoken opponent of Netanyahu’s government.

He is the president of the National Union of Women’s Clubs and the president-elect of the Women’s Defense Committee, a feminist organization that opposes gender-based violence.

Last week, the municipality’s Facebook page posted a photo of Shomroch with a sign saying “We are all Tel Aviv.”

“It’s time for Tel Aviv to stand up for its citizens.

Tel Aviv is an important part of our city, but this is not an effective solution for our city,” Baruch wrote on Facebook.

Shomair Barucha contributed to this report.

The views expressed by contributors are their own and are not the views of The Hill.

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