Which network marketing platform will have the most followers?


On May 12, a survey conducted by social media analytics platform Popvine revealed the results of a nationwide survey conducted among 2,000 people between May 11 and May 13.

The results revealed that the most popular network marketing platforms in the US were Twitter (23.3%), Facebook (19.3%) and Google (18.4%).

The top three networks were the likes of Twitter, Google and Facebook.

The study was conducted by Popvine, a company founded by former Google employees, to help social media marketers improve their customer acquisition, retention and engagement.

The Popvine survey was conducted on behalf of Network Marketing Alliance, a trade association representing the network marketing industry.

The data was provided to The Lad by Popvis, and the results were shared with The Lad for analysis.

Here’s how Popvine broke down the data: The results showed that Google and Twitter had the most active users with nearly 2.5 million and 1.6 million active users respectively.

The top five social media platforms in terms of active users were Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

Twitter was the most visited social media network with 1.2 billion users, followed by Facebook with 826 million users and LinkedIn with 521 million users.

Pinterest and Facebook were also popular for users. 

Pinterest had the largest percentage of active social media users at 45.3%, followed by Twitter at 31.5%, LinkedIn at 20.7% and LinkedIn at 15.7%. 

Pinterest was also the most searched social media platform by a large margin, with almost 9 million users using the search engine in the month of May. 

 Facebook, on the other hand, had a much smaller percentage of users using Facebook in the last month, at 13.3%. 

 LinkedIn was second in the social media market at 11.6%. 

The data also showed that Pinterest had the highest amount of social media followers of any of the networks with more than 1 million. 

LinkedIn had more active followers on Pinterest than Twitter, Twitter and Facebook combined. 

The top social media networks for active followers are Google (1.2 million), Facebook (1 million), Twitter (1 Million), Pinterest (500k) and LinkedIn (500K). 

 The study revealed that Facebook was the top network for social media engagement, with over 2.7 million users on the platform in the previous month. 

However, Twitter was the leader in terms, with more active users than any of these social media players combined.

Facebook has the highest active user base on Twitter with more users on Twitter than Twitter. 

While Facebook has an active userbase of 1.4 million, LinkedIn has over 3.5 and Pinterest over 2 million.

Twitter is second in terms active users on LinkedIn with more people using LinkedIn than Twitter and more people on Pinterest. 

Popvine analyzed the results and concluded that Pinterest was the best network for brand marketing and social media marketing. 

Social media marketing has been growing exponentially in the past year, and Popvine found that social media companies are using more tools to reach their followers and target customers. 

In fact, according to Popvine research, over 90% of the top 10 networks for social marketing are all social media sites. 

So what’s next? 

While it’s obvious that social networks like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter have a huge amount of followers, what about your business?

Do you want to keep up with the trends of social marketing? 

According to Popvis research, social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have been doing a great job of reaching their audiences. 

There are a few social media influencers who are making their mark on the business and marketing scene. 

As more social media outlets and brands begin to target and target their social media fans, more people will start to follow and follow and then follow and become fans. 

Are you ready to build a network of fans and followers? 

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