How the world’s top athletes use social media to connect with fans

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As social media gets smarter and more powerful, it’s becoming increasingly important for athletes to be on top of it all.

From players like NHL superstar Justin Bieber and rapper Lil Wayne to Olympic champion swimmer Usain Bolt, athletes are constantly posting to Instagram and Twitter, and their followers are always looking for them.

It’s a powerful marketing tool and one that allows athletes to build a following of fans and promote their brand.

Here are 10 examples of how sports stars use social channels to sell their products and services.


Justin Bieber, “Till It Happens To You” (2013) Bieber’s viral hit “Til It Happen To You,” which reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, is the first song that Justin Bieber has released on Instagram, and it’s the first single he has posted to his social media accounts since his comeback from cancer in 2013.

The song’s lyrics are full of inspirational advice and the video features Bieber singing the song in a bikini with the words, “Just wait until it happens to you.”

Bieber has been a consistent use of social media since the song’s release.

He has used Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote his brand since his early days as a model.

His followers and fans respond to his content by sharing it on social media, and he has even created the hashtag #TILTOHAPPENTSYM, which translates to “When It Happened to You.”

In 2017, he released a series of videos called The Most Memorable Moments of His Life: A Tribute to the Past.

In the first of the videos, Bieber’s mother and older sister share some of their favorite moments from her son’s life, including their first time together and the moment he was born.

His older sister, Alyssa, is also a frequent Instagram user, posting to the site to share stories about her brother.

“The most memorable moment of my life happened in the crib.

I was in the same room with him when I was born, and we had to be the same size.

And we had the same birthdays,” Alyssas said in the video.

Bieber’s sister also shared some of her favorite moments in his life, like her first kiss with his wife, Anna, who he married in 2012.

Bieber also shared a video from their first date in 2015, and the two exchanged kisses in the bedroom.

Bieber is constantly posting videos of himself singing the “TIL TAKES OVER” song, which is an upbeat anthem that has become his trademark.

He also shares his favorite Instagram photos and posts them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Usain Ben, “Romeo and Juliet” (2011) Usain is a Brazilian soccer player who has become one of the most popular athletes in the world.

Since he first joined the Brazilian national soccer team in 2012, he has been the face of the national team, with more than 100 million followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

The story of the two brothers that were born in Brazil is the subject of the film, Romeo and Juliet, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won the 2012 Oscar for Best Picture.

Usaandros popularity on Instagram grew after his first appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” where he became a fixture on the show’s sketch comedy show, and in 2013, he signed with the UFC, becoming the first athlete to ever sign with the promotion.

He is constantly sharing updates and photos from his personal life, which include his relationship with singer Beyoncé.

“Rio, Rio,” a song he wrote for the song, “Samba,” is the inspiration for the film.

In 2015, Usa and his brother, Usain, had a baby, which they named Rio, in honor of Rio de Janeiro.

The movie follows Usa’s journey as a soccer player and father.

He goes to the World Cup in Brazil, where he plays for Brazil and the Olympic team.

Usais wife, Luana, is a fan of the movie and has tweeted about the film with the hashtag “#SambaRio.”


Usami Kawamura, “Dancing in the Moonlight” (2010) Kawamura is one of Japan’s most popular pop singers, and his song “Dance in the Moonlight” was recently released on the popular YouTube channel, VIBE.

The Japanese singer’s song is a song of love and happiness, with the chorus, “In the night, when you dance, dance in the moonlight.”

Kawamura’s fans have long used social media as a way to reach out to one another and express their love and support.

The popular YouTube star, who also goes by the stage name Nana, has over 300 million followers.

His videos have been shared nearly one billion times.

He posts updates on his social channels and also posts on Instagram.

“I’m really excited to share the music with my fans,” Kawamura wrote on Instagram last year.

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