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On a recent Saturday morning, a small group of women sat around a table in the office of the Volo Network marketing company, discussing the latest news from the company.

It’s a sunny morning in the Gold Coast, and it’s time for a coffee break.

The group includes a senior marketing executive, who works for the company’s digital marketing agency, as well as two female co-workers who work for the business’ advertising agency.

Volo has an ambitious plan to change the way marketers communicate with their customers.

The company is hoping to use technology to deliver more targeted ads, which could mean an increase in the number of people they reach.

“We’ve got to start making that real and real fast, and we need to start doing it faster,” said the marketing executive.

But while this could be a huge benefit for advertisers, it also comes with a cost.

The advertising agency is currently working with a large global brand to test the technology.

The agency has been able to reduce the time it takes for their clients to respond to emails from their digital marketing clients.

But they also need to ensure that the technology is safe for the brand’s staff, and also that it’s effective.

Voloros technology is currently used by a number of big brands, including Amazon, McDonalds, Nike and Samsung.

“It’s really good technology.

But you can’t be using it in a way that’s going to have a negative impact on your brand,” said marketing executive Julie Suckling.

The technology, called VOCOM, uses artificial intelligence to deliver targeted ads to consumers in real-time.”VOCOM is very good technology, but it can be a bit tricky for brands because it’s not really designed to be used for an ad buy.”

You have to be very careful about what you’re doing,” Ms Sucklings said.

The marketing executive says the company is already seeing a shift in how the brand responds to advertising.”

I think we’ve seen a change in the way brands are interacting with us,” she said.”

And we’ve been able, with the technology, to take a bit of a step back.”‘

It’s great to be able to be there’Volo also recently announced a new mobile app, called Connect, which will let marketers send targeted ads directly to their users, as opposed to having to contact them through their mobile phone.

The new service will launch on the Apple App Store in the coming weeks, with a free trial available for the first two weeks.

Volordomo’s marketing executive said she was excited to see the company use its technology.”

Volordom is an exciting opportunity to create more engagement with our customers by using technology that works across all platforms, including mobile devices,” she explained.

Volocar’s advertising executive, Lisa McBride, says the firm has seen a similar trend with digital advertising, with consumers increasingly preferring to be part of their marketing strategy.”

If you can get the brand out there, the brand is the best marketing tool in the world,” she noted.

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