When millennials connect with brands

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It was a moment that brought together the likes of The Walking Dead, Big Brother, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Supergirl.

The millennial audience is becoming increasingly important for brands, with more than half of them now buying into the brand.

They’re also increasingly connected with the brands and have become more educated. 

A major theme that emerges from the latest Nielsen data is that millennials are more likely to buy in to a brand if they believe it has a positive impact on their lives.

Millennials are also more likely than other generations to say they have a positive effect on their brand’s image and brand reputation, but the exact nature of that impact is still up for debate.

In an interview with RTE, Mark Mulligan, senior brand strategist at global marketing agency Millenium, said the millennial generation is “increasingly embracing brands that have a social impact, or they’re brand ambassadors, that have some kind of impact.”

“They’re really embracing brands where there’s something they can do to help people in the future and it’s not just to do their own shopping or get something done,” he said.

“Millennial people have a wider choice of brands than any generation in history.”

It is an exciting time for brands and marketing experts alike. 

“I think the millennial phenomenon is one of the biggest and most important stories of our time,” said Dan Housley, senior research fellow at Nielsen.

“It’s the first generation that is growing up, is connecting with their parents and is now looking to brands to help them in that journey.”

Millennia, he said, “will have a huge impact on how brands shape their brand identity and brand messages and how they do business.

They will also help shape the next generation of brands to follow.”

The number of millennials buying into brands has increased by 33 per cent over the past year, according to Nielsen.

That’s in line with an increase in spending by the same demographic.

Millennial engagement has increased by 32 per cent in the past 12 months, according to Nielsen.

This year, the number of Millennials who said they buy in is at the highest level since Nielsen started tracking the subject in 2007.

Millenials are spending more than ever on shopping, with spending on branded items in the UK jumping nearly 30 per cent since the start of the year. 

Millennium spending increases in UK, UK shoppers, 2016 Source: Nielsen  According to the research, the average millennial spends more on branded goods and services than any other age group.

They are also spending more on services than other age groups.

They spend more on travel than any age group, spending more every year on holidays than any of the other age-group groups. 

The average millennial has spent $8,400 on branded goods in 2016.

That compares to $3,700 for all other age and gender groups.

“It’s clear that millennials have a unique, exciting and powerful way to engage with brands, to connect with them in ways that brands haven’t been able to before,” said Mark Mullig, senior director of global marketing at Millenium.

“This is not a generation that wants to do all the shopping for themselves, or spend all their money.

They want to get involved with brands and help them do what they do best, which is help people.”

Millennial buying habits have improved in the last year, with millenniums spending more on goods and service than any other generation. 

On average, millennials spend $8,300 on branded goods in 2017 Source: NielsenMillennians are also increasingly engaged in online, creating more brands than ever. 

For example, millennials have increased their number of followers from 15.2 per cent to 16.5 per cent.

Millentennials are more likely than all other demographic groups to have tweeted an ad in the last 12 months. 

They are much more likely to follow an influencer.

Millene have been more instagramming than any other age or gender group.

Millens instances of instant insta followers are higher than all other demographics Source Millennials on Instagram are increasing more quickly than the general population. 

Instagram’s instapostles have seen an increase in instanced followings Source Millennias interest in instagibbs is higher than all other demographics. 

In August, instacart accounts were expected to grow to $2.4bn by 2021, which would be the second biggest instamart growth in US history

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