Nifty nutrition: How to optimize your meals and snacks

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By now, most of us have heard the story of how the Nifty brand began with the idea that nutrition was a big deal.

But for those of us who don’t, what exactly is Nifty and why is it so important?

It all boils down to a simple equation: If you want to eat healthily, you need to eat foods that are high in nutrient density.

The more nutrients a food has, the more calories you burn.

So if you’re on a calorie deficit, you’ll be burning more calories than you could.

That means the more you eat, the worse your metabolism will get.

This is a vicious cycle that will cause a whole host of health problems for your body and mind.

The truth is, there are many ways to maximize your calorie and nutrient density on a daily basis.

And Nifty is no exception. 

The company that pioneered this approach is the Nomenclature Institute, which is a non-profit that supports the creation of quality nutrition labels for food and beverages.

NomenClarity is also a partner with the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), which is dedicated to preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer.

AICR’s NomenScope has the potential to help consumers make informed dietary choices that are tailored to their health needs, while at the same time helping businesses achieve sustainable growth. 

“Nomenclarity provides consumers with the opportunity to better understand the nutrition content in food products,” said Anissa A. Srinivasan, NomenCLarity’s Chief Nutrition Officer.

“The Nomenscope is a simple and easy way to track the nutritional content of food products to help make informed nutritional decisions.

We also encourage consumers to share their nutritional values with their family and friends through the Numenclarity website.”

The Nomenclosure website is a great place to start.

If you don’t have time to dig around all of the nutrition information available on Nomencle, here are a few of the basics to know: Nutrient-density labels: The Numerical Nutrient Content (NNC) (also called the “Nutrient Score”) of a food is a numeric representation of the number of calories, grams, and other macronutrients in the food.

A nutrient score is important because it tells you how much your body is capable of absorbing, using up, and releasing nutrients.

The NNC for foods that have more than one macronuclear unit can be confusing to consumers because it varies from one type of food to another.

For example, some types of fruits and vegetables are high-sugar foods and have a low nutrient density (NMD).

Conversely, many kinds of dairy products are low-fat foods that tend to have a high NMD (such as whole milk, yogurt, and cheese). 

The NNC of a fruit or vegetable is calculated based on the type and amount of energy the food contains.

If a food contains less than 2% of its calories from fat, it is high-fat.

If it contains more than 20% of calories from fats, it’s low-glycemic (low-carb).

The NN can also be calculated based off the fat content of the fruit or vegetables.

This value is called the glycemic index, and it can be used to compare different types of food and determine which ones are more likely to increase your blood sugar levels.

For a sugar-sweetened fruit, the glyccemic index is 2.0; for a sugar high in sucrose, it ranges from 1.5 to 2.5; and for a high-fiber, high-carbohydrate, or high-protein food, it can range from 1 to 2 (depending on the food type). 

Nutrient-dense foods: The Dietary Nutrient Profile (DNP) (aka the “dietary fat”) of foods are the total amount of calories in a food that is comprised of more than 1% of the calories by fat.

This may seem like a lot, but for a lot of people, the NNC can be overwhelming.

NumenClarity provides nutritional information that is easy to read and understand and is intended to help you make educated choices on your food intake. 

When you use the NounScope, you can select the foods and beverages you want the label to represent, or you can specify individual ingredients and food categories to customize your NNC.

The website also provides information on how to customize the NCL, which can help you optimize your food choices. 

What is Nomenoclarity? 

Numenclature, the company that introduced the Nomeclarity label, is based in New York City.

Its mission is to promote the healthy eating habits of people who are concerned about their health.

NomeClarity has been offering nutritional information for over 25 years and has more than 15 million registered members. 

Nutrition information can be found in all forms of media, including

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