What’s going on with cashback and network marketing?

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A network marketing company called Cashback Network Marketing is going into the US market with a new campaign called “Cashback” that says it can get people to make more money.

This is an idea from an ad campaign that was a hit for Facebook back in the day and now it’s hitting US networks.

But Cashback is also launching a brand new network marketing platform called Ambit that says its a way to get people back to your network.

The ads have been pulled from the original Facebook campaign, but the ads are still being sold on Amazon.com. 

The new ad campaign has already been pulled and replaced with the old one, but its still up there on Amazon, and Amazon says its doing a good job getting people to sign up.

The new ads have the brand new Ambit platform that is now being promoted as a way for people to return to their network.

This may be because people are really excited about Ambit and the network marketing concept, which may have gotten them to sign on.

Cashback Network marketing is launching the new Ambt platform that was recently introduced in the US, and the new ads on Amazon are also pulling them. 

Cashback is taking a very similar approach to the network marketers who have been around since the early days of Facebook, and they are targeting people who are not Facebook users, and who may not be connected to the Facebook ecosystem. 

I can see why Ambit could be appealing to people who may be bored with their Facebook social network and want a little more control.

The idea is to use the Ambt Platform to get them back to the real world and back to their networks. 

What does the Ambit Platform offer?

The Ambit Network Marketing Platform is a platform that allows advertisers to create ads on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that will then get people from those networks back to those networks and back again.

There are three ways to sign-up for the Ambat platform: 1.

Sign up for a Facebook account.


Register for a Twitter account. 


Register a Instagram account.

The first three steps are the easiest to get, but if you’re like me, and you’re not familiar with Facebook, you probably have no idea how to do this.

 The Ambat Network Marketing team has already worked with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Ambit has partnered with Twitter to get the ads to people on those networks.

Facebook will also be running the ads for people on their network who have already signed up.

Ambit has also worked with Facebook to get a few of the ads shown on the Ambo platform to get back to people they have connected with on their networks already.

So how does it work?

Ambit offers two ways to get ads on Facebook: 1.

You can create an account on Ambit’s platform, which will then be automatically created with a bunch of other advertisers.

The ads will be shown to anyone who has an Ambit account.


You are able to get your ads to someone who has already registered for an Ambat account.

You have to be connected with the Ambas to get this to work, and that person has to have an Ambas account.

It’s a little tricky to figure out how to get an AmBAT account to work for a single person, but you can get an account from a friend who’s already signed-up on Ambat.

It will then display the ads on Ambas that you’ve already registered.


You will need to create a new account on the other network that is already using Ambat, and then get an Instagram account so you can post to Ambo and Instagram. 

How much does it cost?

The ad platform is priced at $19 per month for the account, but $99 for an unlimited account.

$99 seems a little steep for a new platform and I’m not sure that the ad campaign will be worth the extra cost if you only want to see a handful of ads.

The Ad Manager will be charged $0.50 per ad. 

Do I need to sign a contract?

Ambat does not require you to sign any contracts to use Ambat Platforms ads.

However, you will need an Amba account to get any ads shown. 

Is this an all-inclusive system?

This is an all inclusive system.

There is a whole lot of content that will be available to you for free and you will get ads as you sign up for the platform.

The only thing you will have to do is sign up with your Ambat and Instagram accounts and you are set.

Can I post to a specific network or platform?

There is a new Ambat network that will show ads on networks like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but they have already been taken down.

The Ambat Marketplace platform is also being used for the Twitter ad

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