‘Network Marketing’ is about to go mainstream: Ambedkar University

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Ambedkar University, a leading institution in the field of network marketing has announced that it has developed a brand-new course that will teach network marketing to undergraduate students.

The course is called Network Marketing for the Modern Consumer: The New Model, which is a four-year course, and the first of its kind.

The school, which will be launching the course on February 11, has also launched an online portal that will allow students to access and upload course materials.

The new course will be a collaboration between Ambedkr and the Dhamma Institute of Higher Education (DHIHE), a private non-profit organization which is part of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The Dhimi Institute of Communication, Media and Communications (DIMC) was established in 2007 and was created by the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra to promote digital media through education.

The purpose of the Dhimi institute is to create awareness and to provide training to the media and educational institutions in the fields of digital media.

The DIMC is affiliated to the Centre for Social Media Studies (CMSS), an organisation that studies digital media and social media.

In a recent interview with The Hindu, DIMG CEO Keshav Jain said that network marketing is about building a new business model, and this new course is about getting students involved in this new business.

“We are very excited about this new initiative.

It is a first of a kind course.

It will give a new spin to network marketing,” he said.

Jain also said that the new course, which starts from April 1, will be launched in a collaboration with Ambedkat University.

The college has already established a website, which it will be using to launch the course, to provide students with all the details of the course.

Students will be able to enroll for the course in two ways.

They can either pay for the class themselves, or alternatively they can subscribe for a course fee, which the college will set.

Students enrolled in the course will get a certificate of completion.

The certificate will include a certificate from Ambedkharma University of Marketing and Communication in Marketing.

The next batch of the courses will be taught by Amitabh Bachchan and Anuj Chaturvedi, the authors of the book ‘Sri Ambeda’ (My Name is Ambed).

“The Ambed Karyakarti (Class of 2015) will be followed by ‘Ambed Kalyan’ (Class 2016) and ‘Sudarshanam’ (class 2017) for the third year of the AmbedKarti and the ‘Ammedkara’ (Sudanam Class 2017) will conclude the course,” the college said in a release.

The Ambed Bharati Yojana (ABY) was launched in 2017 and aims to make it easier for people to register with the government, obtain tax exemption and avail government services.

“The ABY was created as a simple and seamless way to make all this easy for people,” the College said.

Ambed Kathars, who has been teaching for 25 years, said that it is an attempt to provide a better education to the youth.

“Our course is geared towards students who are in the 21st century.

We are not focusing on a particular subject, but what students are interested in is to learn something new.

We want them to be part of this network, which has a new meaning to it.

The future is bright for us,” he added.

The ‘New Model’ course will take students through the history of network communications, including the internet, digital marketing, and social networking.

“As we look at how we use technology, we need to look at what we use, how we connect and how we communicate.

It has become more and more important that people are empowered to be their best selves,” he told The Hindu.

Ambit Karthik, a professor of network and social marketing at Ambedharat, said, “The future is going to be digital and social.

Network marketing is becoming more and More important.

We must learn to communicate with the right people.

We should use technology to connect with our followers.”

Ambed Karthi is a part of a network marketing group at Ambit.org, a non-governmental organisation that seeks to bring the benefits of digital communication to a broader audience.

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