How to avoid paying to watch content online, experts warn

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is urging Australians to avoid buying online content unless they’re paying for it.

The ACCC has launched a new digital rights management tool called ‘Digital Content Protection’, or DCP, which allows users to control the content they buy and protect their rights.

DCP lets users access content they’ve bought or bought online and is designed to protect consumers from potentially harmful content.

ACCC deputy chair Jessica Farrar said the tool was a step in the right direction but it’s not enough to protect against online fraud and copyright infringement.

“It’s a bit of a first step, but it doesn’t go far enough,” she said.

Ms Farrars said the new tool can be used for two purposes: to enforce consumer rights and to protect users from online copyright infringement and fraud.

She said while the tool is designed for content creators and not users, it still offers the option of monitoring content purchases.

“You can actually use the tool to ensure that content creators are paying what they should be paying,” she told the ABC.

“It doesn’t give users any information about how much money they’re being paid, or who else is getting paid.”

She said the agency would not be able to intervene if a consumer buys a product that infringes copyright.

“I think that’s a matter that should be taken up by the courts,” she added.

“But we don’t have any jurisdiction over it.”

We’re not the ones who are making money, we’re the ones whose products are infringing the copyright.

“ACCE will use DCP to help educate Australians about the importance of purchasing content legally.

Ms Fars said consumers should also be aware of how content creators have managed their online activities.”

What they’ve said is that they’ve taken the time to create and manage the digital rights that they have,” she explained.”

If they don’t then it’s a really big problem.

“”We have an industry where people are getting paid for doing nothing, and then we have people who are paying to buy content that’s been stolen and not properly protected.

“That’s really important to understand.”

Ms Flarrar says the tool would help users “better understand the risks of online content and the ways in which they can protect themselves”.

“We’ve been using this tool for a number of months now, and it’s been really useful,” she noted.

This is the first time that we’ve been able to take a step back and look at it and say what we’re trying to do is actually have a conversation about the way we do things, rather than just trying to legislate.

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