When It’s Not About the Price, It’s About the Content


Are you excited for the release of Disney’s next installment of the Mouse House’s network marketing empire?

Well, you’re not alone. 

A growing number of the company’s executives have begun to voice their excitement about the launch of a new, premium channel, Disney Junior. 

The network, which debuted last week, is expected to include content ranging from classic animated shorts to short-form documentaries and features such as an all-new short, Disney’s The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. 

For those looking for a more premium offering, the company has a number of new products available in the works, including a premium Disney Junior channel and an all new short-format documentary, as well as a new series of short films that will be released on the Disney Junior platform in the fall. 

With so much coming in the coming months, the launch is expected “to have a major impact on the company and our industry,” Disney senior vice president of marketing Michael Pacey told The Wall Street Journal in a statement. 

This new channel, he continued, “will provide an opportunity to bring our brand to a new audience and build brand loyalty and engagement across the entire Disney family.” 

The move comes on the heels of the launch last week of Disney Junior TV, which will feature original programming and new content in addition to classic films. 

According to a report from Variety, the network will be available to customers who have subscribed to the Disney Channel. 

In addition, Disney Senior Vice President of Brand Development David A. Siegel told USA Today that the company is also looking to introduce “a premium-branded network to a wide range of audiences.” 

“We’re launching a new premium-level network that’s going to have a lot of value and a lot more value than what we had before,” Siegel said. 

Disney Junior will not include all of the same content that Disney Junior has on offer with the current Disney channel. 

Instead, the channel will offer a range of content that will vary depending on the individual user’s viewing habits. 

Additionally, Disney is not adding content from Disney Junior to its Disney Junior Plus subscription, instead it is bringing the content to Disney Junior Premium subscribers only. 

As for the new channel’s content, Disney said the channel’s offerings will be “in the vein of Disney Channel’s award-winning series, including the upcoming The Book of Life and more.” 

According the report, Disney will also introduce a new digital series in 2018, the debut of which will be an all original documentary. 

However, Disney also has been planning to add content from other Disney Junior brands and content from popular Disney Junior personalities. 

“Disney Junior is a family of content.

We want to build on that family of brands,” said Siegel, according to USA TODAY. 

More to come.

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