MMM-Mumbai network marketing network: A startup with an MMM model


A startup called MMM Mumbai (which is short for ‘MyMumbai’) has launched a network marketing platform for its Mumbai-based employees.

The company, which was founded in 2012, has now raised $1.7 million in a Series A round, which also includes Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global.

The company was founded by former network marketing expert Amit Agarwal, who went on to build a network for a group of Mumbai-area software developers.

The idea was to make it easy to manage and distribute your clients’ marketing materials and content across multiple channels and platforms.

It had been designed to help companies connect with their clients, with no cost and no risk.

The startup has a product called the MyMumbai platform, which allows employees to easily create and manage their own marketing campaigns on an ad-hoc basis.

MMM says it has now developed and deployed the MyMM network marketing system to support an additional 3,000 employees.

According to the company, the MyMLab platform enables users to manage all of their marketing campaigns across various channels and monetisation models.

The platform enables employees to manage both online and offline campaigns.

The MyMLabs can be used on both mobile and desktop platforms, according to the founders.

The MyMLaS platform enables staff to manage the marketing content, distribution channels, and monetization models across all platforms and monetisations.

Users can choose from the following models:Advertising campaigns, e-commerce campaigns, and social media campaigns.

Users can also set their own revenue streams and share the revenue with others.

The platform will enable employees to distribute and manage the content across various platforms.MMM claims to have a team of 200 employees.

In a statement, the company said it was planning to raise $1 billion to build out its business.

It also said it is working on a new network marketing product.

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