How to create a ‘marketing meme’ for your company


How to start a brand meme.

Thats a lot of work.

In fact, most people have never thought about it.

Youre probably not the first one to think about this.

For example, we all know that the term “brand meme” is a little too generic for what it does, and we tend to focus on the fact that its fun and thats not that hard to pull off.

But what if you had the power to create your own brand meme?

What if you could create a brand-specific meme that would appeal to your brand’s core audience?

Weve come up with a list of 6-10 brand memes you can use in your marketing to get your brand noticed.


A photo of your product or service 2.

A product line or website 3.

A logo or logo logo4.

A slogan or slogan5.

An image or video6.

A message or a message7.

A phrase or phrase8.

A hashtag or hashtag9.

A brand name or brand name10.

A tag or tag phraseThese are the core elements of your brand meme and its a good place to start.

Weve put together a list for you, and the more you use them, the more likely you are to get noticed.

To start, youre going to need to figure out the core characteristics of your target audience.

That means figuring out the key demographic that will buy your product, or the people that will purchase your service.

That is where your brand memes come in.

Brand memes can be very simple, or they can be extremely complex.

For example, a picture of your logo, a product line, or your website could be used to start your brand.

So what are the key characteristics of a brand?

Well, its all about the core personality of your audience.

Brand personalities tend to be simple.

Its like if you have a personality like, “I like being alone”, its very easy to create and stick to.

But if you try to push your brand into a more complex or “emotional” world, like a business, its a whole different ballgame.

The more you understand about your target demographic, the better you can create your brand brand meme that will appeal to that person.


A picture of the target audience, or a product or website2.

A branding campaign or logo3.

A marketing campaign or product4.

An email campaign or a marketing email5.

A viral video campaign or viral video video6, 7, 8.

A web video campaign9, 10.

A YouTube video campaign11.

A Vine video campaign12.

A Twitter video campaign13.

A Facebook video campaign14.

A Pinterest video campaign15.

A Instagram video campaign16.

A Tumblr video campaign17.

A SnapChat video campaign18.

A VKontakte video campaign19.

A Google+ video campaign20.

A Skype video campaign21.

A Reddit video campaign22.

A Tumblrinas Facebook video23.

A Spotify video campaign24.

A Soundcloud video campaign25.

A Vimeo video campaign26.

A Periscope video campaign27.

A WordPress video campaign28.

A Twitch video campaign29.

A Pidgin video campaign30.

A Twittypastas Instagram video video30.

An Instagram video channel31.

A Youtube video channel and a Twitter channel.

It doesnt matter how complex your brand is, its always good to start with your core personality.

Brand personality is one of the most important aspects of your marketing.

The more you know about your audience, the less likely youre to fall into one of those trap of trying to be too creative.

In addition to personality, your brand should be able to deliver on all of its key attributes.

Brand Memes that are unique and that deliver on each of these attributes can be really effective.1.

Im not looking for a product that doesnt sell.

Im looking for something that sells.

Im a firm believer in using your brand to sell.

Its easy to get caught up in the process of creating your brand, but the more your brand gets out there, the sooner it can reach the masses.2.

I dont care what your product is called.

Im here to sell you a product.

You cant make a name for yourself by selling a product without first creating a brand.3.

I am here to support my brand.

You dont need to create something for me to use.4.

Im ready to listen.

I want to learn more about your brand and how it can help people.5.

Im always open to suggestions.

I like to hear about your ideas.

If you dont know what Ive got, then thats ok.

I will give you ideas that I think are fun.6.

I cant wait to share the product with you.

Im excited to hear your ideas and learn more.7.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Im just here to help. Im sure I

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