How to Get More Users in Your Facebook Ads


Posted February 06, 2018 05:00:00When you’re advertising in Facebook, you may be looking for ways to get more users in your ad, but how do you get the most of that?

That’s exactly what marketers need to know, according to a new study published in the Journal of Marketing Research.

According to the study, marketers need three things:They need to create more content and to target people with content that’s relevant and engagingThe content should be relevant to their audienceThe content and audience should be in syncThe content can also be integrated with Facebook’s Adwords service, which is a way for brands to get the best of both worlds, says lead researcher Adam Pachter of the company AdWords Analytics.

Pachter and his team tested the efficacy of four ad campaigns: a video for a new service, a photo of an event or a message for a customer, and a banner advertisement for a competitor.

The results were impressive: the video had more than 2 million views and the banner advertisement had over 200,000 impressions.

In addition, they found that the ads had a greater than 60% conversion rate.

“This shows that a banner ad is a good candidate for content marketing, as it is engaging and relevant to the users,” Pachters study concluded.

According the study:Advertisers should use a number of methods to target the most relevant audience to the banner ad.

They should create content that has relevant content for them to read and engage with.

The content is important to the conversion rate of the banner ads as it should be engaging and not confusing, says Pachs study.

The next step is to integrate the ad with Facebook Adwords, which means creating the content that people will see when they see the ad.

Pichter suggests that users should also be aware of the Facebook privacy policy, which prohibits advertisers from sharing personal information about their users.

He also recommends that marketers create a Facebook Profile to track their activity.

The Adwords Analytics report also showed that the banner advertisements had more engagement than the video ads.

“In terms of engagement, the video ad was more engaging than the banner,” Pichter says.

“This was mostly due to the presence of the video.

But it was also driven by the fact that the video was more relevant to what the users were looking for.”

The ad was also more engaging because the video showed the product in a way that was more helpful to them, Pachts study found.

“It’s important to understand that content is very important to get people to share their products and services on Facebook, but the content needs to be relevant, engaging and engaging.”

Pachters team found that Facebook’s ad targeting system is flexible and that advertisers can integrate content that is relevant to them with ad targeting to create a unique experience.

“Content targeting is about understanding what your users want and what they want is relevant for them,” he says.

“So that’s a good thing.”

Pichters team also found that banner ads were more effective at attracting more eyeballs than video ads, and they also found they had more positive interactions.

“For both of these types of ads, it’s important for the content to be meaningful,” Pchters said.

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